Catholic Values

At the Heart Of All We Do

sacred-heart-know-jesus-know-peace-1As a Catholic school, our values are based on the Gospels of Jesus Christ and the teachings and aims of the Catholic Church. All school policies take account of the school’s ethos, which is enshrined in our Mission Statement and whole school community Code of Conduct.

We endeavour to encourage the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils, enabling them to have an understanding and appreciation for the world around them. As is rooted in the teaching of Christ, these Gospel values should constitute the targets and outcomes of the educational enterprise in every Catholic school, as they do in Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School.

Prayer and Worship in a Catholic school is concerned with giving glory, honour, praise and thanks to God. It is our loving response, in word and action, to God’s invitation to enter into relationship with Him, made possible through the work of Jesus Christ and the witness of the Holy Spirit. It is an integral part of the life of the Catholic school, putting Christ at the centre of education, helping to create and sustain the Catholic ethos, making it tangible.

Our Mission Statement

This is our school

Together we worship

Together we learn

Together we belong

With the love of God,

our dreams and ambitions come true.

Our Catholic Values Code of Conduct

Whilst at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

our dreams and ambitions will come true by…

  • Following in Jesus’ footsteps.
  • Protecting each other and the environment in which we work and play.
  • Listening to each other and talking through our problems.
  • Trying to take responsibility for our own actions.
  • Treating each other how we would like to be treated.
  • Understanding that it takes a full team to score many goals.

Together We Worship…

so that we know God and love each other

to enable all of us to celebrate and enjoy our faith by…

  • Being a welcoming, caring and compassionate community
  • Providing daily opportunities for Collective Worship
  • Enabling our children to acquire a thorough understanding of the Catholic faith and other faiths through the teaching of the ‘Come and See’ syllabus
  • A class leading a whole school celebration of ‘Come and See’ topics
  • Providing opportunities for school, home and parish to celebrate our faith together
  • Participating in the ‘With You Always’ Sacramental programme
  • Celebrating liturgical events throughout the year
  • Singing and understanding of hymns
  • Visiting Sacred Heart Catholic Church and the Cathedral
  • Visiting other places of worship
  • Respecting all religious beliefs
  • Understanding and celebrating other faith festivals
  • Loving the wider local, national and world communities by raising awareness through fund raising and by responding to world events

Together We Learn…

so that everyone continues to discover their

gifts and talents by…

  • Providing quality first teaching in all areas of the curriculum
  • Providing high quality targeted intervention programmes to ensure that all children achieve their true potential
  • Effective planning, preparation, delivery and evaluation of a rich variety of learning experiences
  • Recognising the needs of individual children by providing a challenging, creative and differentiated curriculum
  • Marking, assessing, monitoring and tracking pupil’s achievements to inform and enrich future teaching and learning
  • Ensuring that pupils are involved in assessing their own learning
  • Encouraging pupils to take responsibility for their own learning to promote independent learning
  • Providing high quality training for all staff to develop their skills
  • Ensuring that all classrooms provide a stimulating and supportive learning environment
  • Enriching our curriculum with a wide variety of educational visits
  • Providing a wide variety of extra-curricular learning opportunities
  • Providing affordable access to breakfast club
  • Providing parents with opportunities to develop their own knowledge and understanding of how our children learn
  • Providing parents with opportunities to develop their own skills in order to support their own children’s learning at home
  • Providing opportunities for parents to work collaboratively with their child in class

Together We Belong…

so that everybody feels valued,

comfortable and loved by…

  • Being positive role models treating each other with respect and fairness and are willing to forgive and be forgiven
  • Being aware of how our actions impact on the school and wider community
  • Demonstrating a commitment to our Home-School agreement
  • Recognising and supporting parents in their role as ‘first educators’
  • Developing positive links between the home, school, parish and the wider community
  • Making effective use of the wider community as a learning opportunity
  • Using, valuing and celebrating our talents to enrich the lives of others and encouraging active participation in community events
  • Developing our responsibilities as citizens in the local and global community by raising awareness through fund raising and curriculum initiatives
  • Learning about and respecting other faiths and cultures
  • Celebrating our achievements through our positive behaviour policy and celebration assemblies
  • Being active participants in our learning network and neighbourhood
  • Undertaking a variety of pupil jobs e.g. ‘food hero’/‘bank cashier’

Rationale Of Catholic Education

As a Catholic school, we seek to develop an ethos in our school whereby the spiritual, moral, social and cultural needs of all within our school community are supported. This will be expressed through our response to the Gospel call to love.

“Catholics believe that Religious Education is not one subject amongst many but the foundation of the entire education process. The beliefs and values it communicates should inspire and unify every aspect of school life.”

(Bishops Conference of England and Wales 1988)