Our Uniform

Uniform Price List


Acceptable Uniform

All school uniform and kt is available to buy from Laser Schoolwear located on London Road.  Orders for uniform can also be placed at the school office.

  • White Shirt
  • Red Jumper with school logo
  • Red Cardigan with school logo
  • Grey Trousers or Skirt
  • School Tie or Elasticated Tie
  • Black Shoes (No Trainers)
  • In the Summer boys may wear Grey Shorts with the school embroidered polo shirt and girls may wear a red and white checked Summer Dress.

Acceptable P.E. Kit

  • School embroided P.E. tshirt and red shorts
  • Trainers or Pumps
  • Sweatshirts and Jogging Pants are also available.

Swimming Kit

  • Swimming Costume or Trunks/Swimming Shorts (Long Swimming Shorts are not allowed)
  • Towel
  • Swimming Cap

All Key Stage 2 children attend swimming lessons at some time during the school year. Swimming lessons are compulsory, as part of the National Curriculum.

*A note is required from parents if a child is unfit for a swimming lesson.

Jewellery and Personal Property

No jewellery should be worn except watches or stud earrings. Parents must take responsibility if an accident involving jewellery occurs. Children should not bring any personal property to school with them other than what they need for the school day. Neither members of staff or Governors can be responsible for the safe keeping of any items of jewellery or personal property brought into school.