About Us

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary is a Great School!

Sacred Heart is a Catholic Primary School and Nursery based in the heart of Liverpool.  As an ethnically diverse school with pupils originating from across the globe, we believe strongly in fostering positive attitudes and relationships, and a shared sense of cohesion and belonging for all, we are proud to be ‘the world in one school.’

At Sacred Heart we aim to develop an ethos whereby the spiritual, moral, social and cultural needs of all within our school community are supported.

“My friend Jesus help me to be good,
To do the things and say the things
that all good children should.
And if I sometimes slip a bit
and do get out of hand,
then please my friend Jesus
help the grown-ups understand,
that it isn’t always easy
to be as good as good can be,
but I am getting better Lord,
‘cos you are helping me.”

Sacred Heart’s Liturgy Of The Word Penitential Act

This is used in the Sacramental programme, Children’s Liturgy of the Word, Collective Worship and in whole school assemblies.


We endeavour to have a positive impact on each and every child that walks through the doors of Sacred Heart, we will continue to bring out the best qualities in our kids through the Gospels of Jesus Christ and the teachings and aims of the Catholic Church.