Welcome to the Reception Class home learning page. Due to the school’s closure, we have had to explore different routes to provide education during these challenging times. Here, you will find our initial letter home with ideas for some work to be carried out, where possible, along with some support booklets, documents and links that will help to keep the progress going. We understand that it is important for young children to have the opportunity to learn through play and exploration so your child might not be able to complete everything. There will be regular updates with new content so do please keep checking in.

Best wishes at this difficult time.

Mrs Gillespie

Reception home learning wk beginning 13/07/2020



For older nursery children, Ruth Miskin is delivering a daily phonics lesson, on YouTube. These sessions are differentiated for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.


For younger nursery children try this: Can you find any bugs in your outdoor area? What would be a silly sound for that bug to make?



Watch the story of Superworm; talk about the parts of the story you liked best, what happened in the story and what might happen next.  You can find out all about worms by looking at the photo packs and video.  There are lots of different types of worm, some short and some long and they live in different places.  Talk about what you like about and what you do not like about worms

All about Earthworms


Earthworms Facts Cards

Life Cycle of an Earthworm

Superworm Story

Wiggly Woo Song

Worms and Womeries Photo Pack


Have a go at the minibeast I spy counting activity – how many can you find?


Easier Minibeasts Counting

Harder Minibeasts Counting

I Spy

Minibeasts Counting Activity

Minibeasts I spy and Count Activity

Physical Development:

Let’s use of fine motor skills to get crafty and make minibeasts.

Paper Bowl Lady Bird Craft

Paper Plate Spider Web

Fingerprint Minibeast Garden Craft



Summer Home Learning Challenges for Reception

Getting Ready for Year 1:

Play and hand skills

Letters and sounds

Number Games

Coordinating two sides of the body together

How to help your child using scissors

How to help your child with balancing

How to help your child dressing buttons and zips

How to help your child with hand skills

How to help your child planning and organising movements

How to help your child with shoe laces and cutlery



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