Year 6

Welcome to the Class 6 home learning page.

Due to the school’s closure, we have had to explore different routes to provide education during these challenging times. Here, you will find our initial letter home with directions of some work to be completed, where possible, along with additional support booklets, documents and links that will help to keep the process going. We understand that your child might not be able to complete everything, and it is important that the children have the opportunity to learn in other ways, through play and through exploring. There will be regular updates with new content so do please keep checking in.

A note to all of the children in Year 6

Although school may be closed for you, all staff are still working and will be in school during the week. You can contact me or anyone else in school by email or by ringing school. If you need anything at all, whether that it is some help with work or just to chat and check in, please get in touch.

Best wishes at this difficult time.

Sending you all hugs

Miss Kayayan

Enrichment Activity Chart – Offline and Online Learning Ideas – 6 Weeks of ideas

Week Beginning 06/07/20


Reading Activity

Reading Activity

The stars at the bottom of the page indicate the level of difficulty. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with.

Writing Activity

English Task Bear and Bear

English Task 2 Drifting Away

SPaG Activity

Spellings 09.07.20

Present Tense PowerPoint

Present Tense Worksheet & Answers 1

Present Tense Worksheet & Answers 2

Maths Activity

White Rose Maths:

Lesson 1:  Vertically opposite angles Worksheets & Answers

Lesson 2: Angels in a triangle Worksheets & Answers

Lesson 3: Special Quadrilaterals Worksheets & Answers

Lesson 4: Polygons n Worksheets & Answers

Friday Challenge and Worksheets:


Topic Activity

Activity Sheet 03.07.20


Physical Activity

The Body Coach (Joe Wicks) is a fantastic resource and can be accessed each day but any physical activity will prove beneficial.

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