Liverpool Counts Quality Mark

This year at Sacred Heart we are working towards achieving the Liverpool Counts Quality Mark.

The Liverpool Counts Quality Mark is part of a varied programme of strategies targeted at improving maths results for the children.

The specific remit of the Quality Mark is to tackle the negative attitudes towards numeracy and mathematics which are prevalent in many areas of our society.

We aim to challenge these widely held views and promote a culture where people readily understand the impact good numeracy skills and mathematics qualifications can have on the social, financial, health and employment aspects of their lives.

We also aim to support teachers and other adults in our schools to encourage pupils to make connections in their numeracy and mathematics lessons to real life contexts and with other areas of their school experiences.

Maths Ambassadors

I would like to proudly introduce Sacred Heart’s Maths Ambassadors.

The children will be kept very busy this year by our Maths Champion, Miss Kayayan.

They will be helping her around school as well as writing our half termly Mathematic Newsletters.


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We are a NatWest Money Sense School

This year we have taken part in ‘My Money Week’. The children took part in lots of different activities to explore money and how we can manage our finances. We had a visitor come in from the NatWest who delivered a workshop for each class. Year 1 and Year 2 explored how they could use money in daily life. Year 3 and Year 4 , used budgeting to plan a birthday party and Years 5 and 6, used their money skills to solve a fraud scene investigation. All of the children had tremendous fun and they each received a certificate and some goodies for their hard work and enthusiasm.

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