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Hello and welcome to Reception’s class page. We have worked hard to make sure that you will find all the information that you need about our wonderful class, but also features that will help you to support learning from home.

Reception is an important year and it sets the foundations for the rest of your child’s school life. We work hard, but we make sure that every day we begin and end with smiles on our faces.

So far, this has been a busy term. We have settled really well into our new routine and have been so enthusiastic about our learning through different play based experiences. We look forward to continuing and sharing our learning journey with you!

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Curriculum Information




Reception’s Home Learning Activities

Your child has been given a ‘Learning Story’ book, we will use this book to keep you updated and informed about the learning and fun that places each week.  We will also give you ideas about how you can continue this learning at home.  In addition to this we may give some phonics and maths activities.  Please use the parent comment box added to your child’s book each week to let us know how they are getting on.

Your child can add anything to their book that is important to them. You can  share your family news, celebrations and achievements. We especially love it when families share special times with us, such as a wedding, baptism or family party.

Religious Education

Religious Education runs through all that we do in Reception, and we make links to our school work and home lives regularly through RE lessons and Collective Worship.

We begin the Autumn term with the topic of ‘Myself’, where we look at the importance of our name and how precious we all are as individuals. That is followed by ‘Welcome’ where we look at being welcomed in a family, school, new country and to God’s family through the sacrament of Baptism. We finish the term with the topic of ‘Birthdays’, which is our Advent topic. Here we look at waiting in joyful hope for Jesus, the promised one. All of this is taught through the Come and See programme.

We will also be covering RSE at various points throughout the year, where we discover that God still loves us throughout our changes.

We are also lucky to have Fr Fitzgerald coming into class at least once each term to share the Good News with us.


In Reception, we make links to RWI Phonics and Literacy in all of the Early Years Foundation Stage prime and specific areas of learning. We believe that it is vital that children gain confidence and independence to apply their phonics and literacy skills throughout all areas, this will be achieved in adult led activities and also continuous provision. We have explored the different sounds that can be heard in spoken words and enjoyed exploring a variety of traditional tales to build our vocabulary and understanding of stories.

In Autumn term we have been exploring a variety of traditional tales to build our vocabulary and understanding of stories. We enjoyed lots of stories, particularly the ‘Three Little Pigs’. We really enjoyed retelling the story using props and building the houses in our block area. We also made pig masks and used playdough to make props for the story. Our current topic is all about Autumn. So far we have been reading stories based on autumn and nocturnal animals. We enjoyed reading ‘Owl Babies’ and used the puppets to retell the story of Sarah, Percy, Bill and their Owl Mummy. We were so lucky to have a visit from ‘Animals Takeover’. Our visitor told us all about nocturnal animals and we all got to hold a barn owl! We also saw a sugar glider, millipede, ferret, frog and a cute little hedgehog. We loved the little noise the hedgehog made when we stroked his spikes! This activity has built upon the children’s vocabulary and speaking skills, which really enhanced their imagination and writing. We have also been reading, ‘It was a cold, dark night’. This story follows a little hedgehog Ned and his journey to find a new home before winter. This topic of Autumn allows the children to explore the world around them, allowing them to learn about seasons and the changes through the year.

Useful links:

RWI – What is RWI Phonics?

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RWI – How to teach children to blend sounds


In Reception we aim to promote children’s mathematic skills and development through natural materials and exploration of the world we live in. The children have the opportunity to build upon their skills and explore mathematics in the indoor and outdoor environment. In Autumn term we focus on promoting children’s understanding and knowledge of number. We encouraged children to explore the different numerals in the environments and encouraged children to develop their understanding of number by enhancing their counting skills through play. Next, we learned all about shapes. The children have been exploring shapes in our environment and how they can be used in tasks. We are also developing our knowledge of the names of shapes and properties of different 2D and 3D shapes. As children gain greater confidence and fluency of number and shape, we will focus on developing their problem solving skills linking to this, learning new mathematical language and vocabulary in number and shape, space and measure.

Useful links:

Mathematics activities for home learning

Reception’s Library

At Sacred Heart we use the Oxford Owl website to help encourage our pupils to read. We have given your child a class login and password to access the Oxford Owl website, it can be found at the front of their Learning Story Book.


These books compliment the books we read in school at Sacred Heart.
Simply log in and keep reading!

Please click the link below to access the Oxford Owl website.

In Reception Class we read lots of great books that help to capture your child’s imagination, you can view all of these by clicking on the “Fantastic Stories” button above!

Here are some of the books we’ve been reading this school year:

Reception Fun

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