What makes a good Maths student?

A passion for maths and someone who is willing to try new things and strategies without the fear of making a mistake, an ability to discuss their ideas and be experimental with practical resources to support their learning.

About Maths

Maths is a central part of the Sacred Heart Curriculum. It is the school’s vision to produce fluent mathematicians through providing all children with a secure conceptual understanding and efficiency in procedural approaches; this is reflected in the schools calculation policy. We believe in the importance of making connections between concrete materials, models and images, mathematical language, symbolic representation and prior knowledge. Through our teaching sequence, we ensure that children have the opportunity to practice key skills whilst developing their understanding and application to more complex questioning.


Maths Curriculum Map 2020-2021

Maths Progression Map 2020-2021



Calculation Policy

Maths Policy

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Pupil Voice

I enjoy maths because Miss sings songs to help us remember the steps.

I like maths because I enjoy problem solving. I like learning new things and my teacher likes it too.

What I like most about maths is learning techniques, tricks and new strategies.

I like maths because our teacher makes up songs and rhymes to help us.

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