What Makes a Good Music Student at Sacred Heart?

A passion for singing/performing and is willing to try new things and musical techniques without the fear of making a mistake. An ability to discuss their ideas and be experimental with music making and recording.

About Music

Music is a central part of the Sacred Heart Curriculum. It is the school’s visions to ensure that all children develop an interest and love for music through performing, singing and providing children with opportunities to play a musical instrument. So the topics of work that are completed in each year group have been designed to promote this.  We have designed a curriculum for each year group that explores different musical styles through history. Were the children are looking at more modern music, they study famous songs that they will know. This has deliberately been done to capture their interest and hook their attention.


Music Curriculum Map 2020-2021

Music Progression Map 2020-2021


Music Policy

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St Francis of Assisi Singing Project

LDCSA Choir Festival

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Year 6

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