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Mr Howarth

Teaching Assistant:

Ms Daley

Welcome to the Year 1 class page! Year 1 is an important year as the children progress from learning through play to a more formal style of work. During the year we work very hard in phonics as at the end of the year the children will be taking a phonics assessment. We also have lots of fun learning new things each day.

This term we will be busy getting to know our new teachers and the expectations for Year 1.

You will find links to websites that will help and support learning at home. We hope you enjoy the games and ideas. This page will also give you an insight into the curriculum covered in Year 1.

P.E is taught on Wednesday.

Homework is given out on Friday and returned the following Wednesday.

Year 1 Content

Curriculum Information




End of year expectations

Year 1 Religious Education

Religious Education runs through all that we do in Class 1, and we make links to our school work and home lives regularly through RE lessons and Collective Worship.

We begin the Autumn term with the topic of ‘domestic church – families ’, we have looked at the different families that we have within the home, school and church. After families we are moving onto learning about belonging through baptism. We will also be covering RSE at various points throughout the year, where we discover that God still loves us throughout our changes.

We are also lucky to have Fr Fitzgerald coming into class at least once each term to share the Good

Year 1 English

English skills are used in all of our subjects and so we practice many of these skills every day through handwriting, reading, writing and spelling.

This term we will be writing our own story based on ‘Lost and Found’. This will give the children the chance to use all of the skills they have developed over the unit; including expanded noun phrases, using a range of punctuation and using conjunctions to extend their sentences. After half term we will be looking at a new book ‘Nibbles’ we are very excited and our looking forward to reading about Nibbles who we believe is a very, very naughty monster.

We have a big focus on reading in Year 1, through daily guided reading sessions and 1:1 readers. We love our stories and always find time in our busy day so we can come together and enjoy and share the love of reading. We would ask that you support your child at home by reading with them each night for just 10 minutes and signing their reading log so they can earn dojo points and rewards.

The following websites will support your child’s learning in English:

Visit to play phonics games with your children. There are also vocabulary and comprehension games to support reading at home

Visit for more games to support grammar, punctuation, spelling, reading and writing.

Visit for support with spellings and phonics. You can even watch the videos we have focussed on that week in spellings!

Year 1 Maths

In Autumn term, we will focus on place value to 20 in detail; using lots of apparatus to support (numicon, base 10 and cubes to name a few). We will also look at addition and subtraction and apply these skills to reasoning questions and problem solving and relate them to money and measure.

We also focus on basic skills in Maths continually throughout the year; including:

· counting in steps of 2s, 5s and 10s from any number.

· recognising the place value of each digit in a two-digit number (10s, 1s)

· identifying, representing and estimating numbers using different representations, including the number line

· comparing and ordering numbers from 0 up to 20; use <, > and = signs

· reading and writing numbers to at least 20 in numerals and in words

· using place value and number facts to solve problems

The following websites will support your child’s learning in Maths:

Please visit The Home of rich mathematics.

Please visit Useful resources from the BBC for all Key Stages.

Please visit Maths games for children aged 5-7

Please visit 100 square splat to help the children spot number patterns, support timetables and for basic counting

Please visit interactive numicon resource

Across the Curriculum

In Year 1, we think it is very important that learning in school is not just about English and Maths, but exploring a broad and balanced curriculum full of rich vocabulary. In Autumn term we learned all about our local area and we researched what life was like when our grandparents were children. In Art we designed and made bugs, whilst in DT we designed and made bug homes. In Science we learned all about our bodies and the five senses. We loved our senses lesson where we smelled and touched lots of different food. We really enjoyed developing our gymnastic and dance skills in PE and in Computing we did lots programming and debugging using the Code-a-pillars.

In Spring term, we continued to develop our knowledge across the whole curriculum. We investigated seasonal change in Science and we studied the weather and UK in Geography. In Art we researched the artist Andrew Goldsworthy and in Computing we learned all about keeping ourselves safe on the internet. We celebrated Safer Internet Day and created a class poster on how to keep safe online. In History we enjoyed finding out about our local heroes and we continued to listen and appraise in our Music lessons.

In Summer term, we began our Geography topic by learning the names of the 7 continents and 5 oceans around the world. In History we will learn all about Pudding Lane and The Great Fire of London. We will write using our historical knowledge to complete an extended writing piece on why the fire spread so quickly. We will link our History topic with Art and create art work based on fireworks, we will also look at art work by artist Lieve Verschuier. In DT enjoyed learning about food and nutrition and we designed and made a fruit smoothie. In Science we revisited seasnonal changes and note any changes moving through Summer. Our Computing skills are continuously improving and we will use the internet, 2create and Paint to create digital content. We will continue our PE lessons and complete the term with learning to Run, Jump and Throw. We have such a busy and fun time in Year 1 but we are always open to answering any questions you may have regarding the curriculum.

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