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Hello and welcome to the Year Four class page. This page has been set up to help support your learning and to celebrate all the wonderful things we have been up to this year. Click on the links below to find webpages, videos, documents and photographs!

Year 4 Content

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Year 4 English

In Year 4, we use English in all of our subjects. Either through handwriting, spellings, reading or writing we apply the skills we learn across every part of the curriculum.

In the Autumn term, we enjoyed reading our class story ‘Gorilla,’ by Anthony Browne and developing our own fantasy narrative base on the story. We also read ‘Leon and the Place Between,’ and explored the story using drama to support in writing a recount in the perspective of a character in the book.

We will begin our Spring term by reading ‘Zeraffa Giraffa’ by Diane Hoffmeyer. We will be using this as a starting point to develop a persuasive leaflet to encourage visitors to attend a Menagerie in which Zeraffa is the main attraction. Later in the Spring term we will read ‘When the Giant Stirred’ by Celia Godkin. This fantastical adventure story will be used as inspiration for writing our own version in the perspective of the main character.

Across school we promote a love of reading. In Year 4 we have daily guided reading sessions, in which we explore a wide range of texts for the children to unpick and enjoy. We explore inference and language use, whilst answering a range of questions geared towards the text. We spend time reading in our class reading corner and in the school library and have a wide variety of books for the children to read and take home.

In Year 4 we read lots of great books that help to capture your child’s imagination, you can view some of these by clicking on the “Fantastic Stories” button below!

Click on the links below to read interesting short stories and online texts

To support your child with English, please visit the following websites which are useful.

Supporting Early Reading

How a child learns to read

Parents Guide to reading

Year 4 Maths

In the Autumn term, we developed our understanding of place value and number, before exploring addition subtraction, multiplication and division further looking at the formal methods. We have been working toward explaining our reasoning and how to solve a range of problems, both as questions and as investigations. Throughout, we have been working on improving our mental maths strategies and memorising our times tables.

In the Spring term we will be looking at applying our number skills to measure including perimeter and area. As well, we will be developing our knowledge of fractions to include finding equivalent fractions, addition of fractions and fractions of a quantity. We will also be expanding from our work in year 3 on expressing tenths and hundredths as decimals.

Pupils at Sacred Heart follow the Liverpool Maths Planning, which has been devised and developed by members School Improvement Liverpool. The Liverpool Maths team developed this document to support effective implementation of the New National Curriculum.

In order to develop fluency in mathematics, children need to secure a conceptual understanding and efficiency in procedural approaches. This resource highlights the importance of making connections between concrete materials, models and images, mathematical language, symbolic representations and prior learning.

There is a key focus on the teaching sequence and ensure that children have opportunities to practice the key skills whilst building the understanding and knowledge to apply these skills into more complex application activities.

This programme also provides a list of key, basic skills that children must continually practice as they forma the building blocks of mathematical learning.

Useful Resources:

Please visit The Home of rich mathematics.

Please visit The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics.

Please visit Useful resources from the BBC for all Key Stages.

Across the Curriculum

In Year 4, just as across the whole school, it’s not just about English and Maths but about exploring a full and exciting curriculum. In the Autumn term, we conducted a range of investigations in Science, exploring the digestive system and keeping healthy teeth. In History, we learned about the Ancient Egyptians and looked to answer the question, how much did they achieve? We had cross-curricular lessons where we investigated the creation of the Ancient Egyptian pyramids by creating our own models as well as experimented with different natron mixtures and their impact on preserving apples. In Science and Geography we studied the Water Cycle and learned about important rivers around the world including the Nile and our very own River Mersey.

In DT made sandwiches and explored various types of recipes. In art, we explored different paint mediums including acrylic and watercolour while learning about the influential artist, Monet. In computing coded our own computer games investigated the power of social media to enact positive change by creating our own GoNoodle workout videos.

In Spring, we will begin our new History topic with a local area study of Faulkner Street. In Geography we will be the physical features of Hong Kong including the different climate zones, biomes and vegetation belts. In Science we will be exploring Electricity and Sound and build our own circuit boards linking in with our electrical systems topic in DT. We’ll also be developing our coding and storytelling skills by producing our own interactive animations. And that is just the start of our Sprint term!

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