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Hello everyone, welcome to the Y5 class page!

On our class page, you will find plenty of information about what we are learning in our amazing class, including pictures and videos. There will also be features that will assist you to support learning from home.

We will be starting the year by reading the amazing ‘Queen of the Falls’ and using this wonderful non-fiction story to write a series of diary entries. For maths, we will be focusing on the four operations, where the children will be developing their knowledge, skills and understanding of this.

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Year 5 Religious Education

Religious Education is at the heart of what we do in Y5, and we make links to our school work and home lives regularly through RE lessons and Collective Worship. As well as our weekly RE lessons, we take part in a daily Collective Worship. This is an important time where we come together as a class to reflect on the day that we have had and the Gospel Values.

We will begin the Autumn term with the topic of Ourselves, where we will look at the qualities that God has given us and how we have been created in the image of God. This will be followed by the topics Life Choices and Hope.

We are thoroughly looking forward to having Fr Fitzgerald coming into our class to share the Good News with us.

Year 5 English

In Y5, English is used in all of our work. Either through writing, spellings, handwriting or reading we look to apply the skills across the whole curriculum.

During this term, we will be learning about the life of Annie Edson Taylor when reading the book ‘Queen of the Falls’. We will build up skills before we write a series of diary entries and newspaper reports about her experiences going over the Niagara Falls in a barrel. We will then move onto the marvellous book written by Carol Anne Duffy, ‘The Lost Happy Endings’. The children will have their own change to write their own fairy tale.

Within Guided Reading sessions, we explore extracts from a wide variety of texts where we discuss these in depth. We develop our inference skills regularly. We thoroughly enjoy reading in Y5 therefore, we would kindly ask you to support your child at home with reading at least three times per week and signing their reading log so they can earn extra dojos. Your child may have a chance to win a book out of the vending machine!

Click on the links below to read interesting short stories and online texts

Here at Sacred Heart we use the Oxford Owl website to help encourage the children to read. We have provided your child with a login and password in order for them to access the website. It would be amazing if you could spend a few minutes each evening to read with your child at home.

Clink on the link below  (Symbol of the Oxford Owl from previous class page)

Year 5 Maths

During this term, we will develop our understanding of place value and number, addition and subtraction, statistics, multiplication and division. We will develop our understanding of how to explain our reasoning and how to solve a range of problems.  We will also focus on our times tables and mental maths skills, where we will have a weekly mental arithmetic quiz.

Here at Sacred Heart, we follow the White Rose Mastery Planning, which provides great opportunities for the children to develop their varied fluency, problem solving abilities and the ability to explain their reasoning. This document has been carefully designed to meet the needs and requirements of the 2014 National Curriculum.

In order to develop fluency in mathematics, children need to secure a conceptual understanding and efficiency in procedural approaches.  This resource highlights the importance of making connections between concrete materials, models and images, mathematical language, symbolic representations and prior learning.

There is a key focus on the teaching sequence and ensure that children have opportunities to practise the key skills whilst building the understanding and knowledge to apply these skills into more complex application activities.

Useful Resources: The Home of rich mathematics Useful resources from the BBC for all Key Stages The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics

Across the Curriculum

In Year 5, just as across the whole school, it’s not just about English and Maths but about exploring a full and exciting curriculum. In Science, we will conduct a range of fun investigations, exploring different materials and how they can be separated. In History, we will conduct research into the Anglo-Saxons and debate if the Dark Ages were really so dark. As well as making Anglo-Saxon jewellery out of wire, in art. We will also explore our local area and explore the sustainable change in Geography.

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